Community Impact

Over five years ago, I started Shareplay. This project has raised money to donate playgrounds in six different schools in various parts of El Salvador. Helping communities in El Salvador has always been and will remain a focus in every project I push forward. Learn more about shareplay.

What if your travel dollars could provide you with the trip of a lifetime and simultaneously be used to add value in the world? 


This is exactly the opportunity this retreat offers you. Mizata has developed sustainable village development programs that move the needle. When you book at trip to Mizata, at least 10% of the proceeds are used for public good. 


Here are a list of our current projects and programs that your travel dollars would be used to fund:

Mizata English Academy

Now in its second session, the Mizata English Academy was developed after the realization that El Salvadoran workers receive a double salary. Professor Eva, a trained teacher, guides the students twice a week through an English emersion curriculum. Parents of students, awarded with scholarships to the Mizata English Academy sign an agreement that in exchange for the scholarship they agree to pick up 10 bags of trash (as a family) during the beach cleanup; maintain a 8 grade average (equivalent to a B in the US) and a 95% attendance at school. The program has been a smash hit.


Mizata Beach Conservation Program
Part of the International Beach Conservation Program started in San Clemente. The Mizata Beach Conservation program focuses on beach cleanups, environmental education, and advocacy. The beach cleanups take place on the first Saturday of each month, in partnership with the Mayor’s office. Participants include student families, locals, Mizata guests and attendees from neighboring communities. Environmental education includes the development of signage, education initiatives to change the cultural relationship with trash and advocacy includes interaction with public agencies to develop standards related to black water, recycling and responsible development. 


Sea Turtle Conservancy & Rescue

There is an endemic problem of poachers stealing turtle eggs from nests along the beaches of El Salvador. Last year, in partnership with Eco Mizata, we were able to save 7,000 sea turtles from poachers on the beaches of Mizata. 


Education Resources Program

In partnership with Eva Hinds Architectura, Mizata funds for resource drives to provide school supplies and toys for local kids. Last Christmas we threw a community event with educational games and toys for over 100 kids and families.


Sustainable Development Initiative
Mizata is in the process of forming a Public Private Partnership with the Department of Teotepeque that would provide the ability to implement a master plan for the community of Mizata. Further, it would provide Mizata with oversight for future development to protect Mizata from over development, insure best practices for black water treatment and create bonds from propoerty taxes for public infrastructure projects.  


Economic Development Campaign

In partnership with the Mayor’s office. Mizata created an Economic Development Campaign focused on assisting local farmers and fisherman with assistance developing coops, micro-loans, organic food production and working to buy as many products and services for Mizata from local providers. 


Up-Cycle Building Campign   

To assist locals with home improvements Mizata has created an Upcycle Campaign. Instead of sending aging materials to the landfill, Mizata up-cycles the building materials for locals. Materials include roofing, windows, doors, toilets, furniture, beds, televisions, sinks and more. These much-needed materials are paired with the Beach Conservation Program. Participants are given points per each bag of trash they collect which determines their place in line to select items.